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Farewell Dinner

Be fast! Make a reservation, as the number of tickets is limited!

Make a reservation now – pay at the registration desk at the conference venue.

The Restaurant

Hidden at the very top of the Old city, restaurant “Park princeva”, has been always the place of gathering for poets, bohemians, travellers and all the people who enshrine Sarajevo.

While sitting on the terrace of the restaurant, if you try, for a moment, you could actually feel like a prince or a princess.

And what will you see?

You will see the city where the cultures of East and West left prominent marks. Without even reading books, simply by observing numerous historical heritage of Sarajevo, you could read the history of the city. This is the reason why the stay in “Park princeva” leaves special impression on the guests about the city, about Bosnia, about what Europe used to be, about the history.

When you finally leave this beautiful place with sigh, it is possible that really, really silently in the distance, you hear verses of our respected poet Sejfudin Tanovic:

…and when I am not in Sarajevo

I dream of Sarajevo,

and when I am in Sarajevo

I dream of Sarajevo…


The Food

For a modest price (35,00 EUR) we will be able to serve you with lovely Bosnian and Herzegovinian delicacies with a perfect view and beautiful music (live) in the background. The dinner will include a hot/cold fork buffet (generous, with a lot of local food), including one drink (soft, beer or wine) and a cup of coffee/tea. We believe this dinner will be a memorable experience for everyone.

The dinner is planned for 19:00-21:30.

At the same time, open air concert (free of charge) will be organised at the main venue - campus (starting at 21:00), so that everyone from the dinner can also make it to the concert and dance.